Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Each station has two tackle tubes perpendicular to each other in a T shape.
  • The tackler tackles the bottom of the T, while there is a player with their knee(s) at the top of the T pushing their weight into the tubes.
  • The tackler must arrive very low to tackle the tube, and use their momentum to lift the bag and clear out the defender, using the bag to do so.

Coaching points

  • The tackler should keep very low to the floor when tackling the tube, hitting the circular face of the tube with their shoulder.
  • The momentum should pop the tube up slightly, allowing the tackler to wrap their arms around the tube to pick it up, just over half way up the tube.
  • The tackler needs to clear out the opponent with force, ending up on top of the tube in a rucking position.

Drill tags: clear out, ruck, tackle tube

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