Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • Keep your player briefing, brief!
  • Tell your players the folloiwng.........
    1. Players should be moving, staying around 5 meters part - running with the ball and attacking space.
    2. Players make 10 passes and then:
    3. Make figure 8 between legs.
    4. Partner does the same after another 10 passes.
    5. 10 passes then throw ball up and make a 360 degree turn to catch it before it hits the floor.
    6. 10 passes then throw ball overhead and catch it behind back.
    1. You might consider asking players to pass the ball with just one hand, off their hip

Coaching points

Don't feel that you have to focus on all of the following coaching points. Pick the ones that match your session and training goals.

  • Players should aim to keep the ball moving.
  • Ball carriers should aim to pass the ball to where the receiver is.
  • Passes should be weighted in terms of distance, accuracy, and speed.
  • A pass is only complete when caught.
  • The receivers hands should be out.
  • Both the ball carrier and receiver should communicate to highlight availability, distance, location, and the time of the pass.
  • Communication should be encouraging, effective, and efficient.
  • When asked to control ball, players take risks and work outside their comfort zone.
  • It is important that players learn to handle the ball in unfamiliar ways, that way they can react and catch a pass that is: too high, too low, where the ball rolling etc.
  • Players should not view mistakes as failures, simply part of the learning process.
  • Control movements are carried out as quickly as possible before beginning passing.
  • Control tasks should allow a reasonable expectation of successful competition.
  • Differentiate your groups and allocate control tasks appropriate to the groups ability level. Every group should feel stretched but should experience success.
  • Encourage Awareness & movement.
  • Accelerate in to space when you catch the ball.
  • Vary distance between players, short and long.
  • Players pass off both hands.
  • Have fun, remember build them up!
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