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This is to practice handling and passing the ball to a direct target. It is good for awareness and communication between the three support players.

2 balls, 3 support players, 1 passer.

The support players set up a triangle on your given dimensions. The person at the top of the triangle is the feeder for the passer, who will stand one metre from the feeder on the inside of the triangle. The feeder starts with a ball as well as the passer; once the first pass is made on the coaches call the passer must look to receive the next ball from the feeder to pass to the next support player. As soon as the support players receive a pass they should return it to the feeder. Each passer should work for about one minute and then rotate with one of the support players.

Coaching points

Passer should receive the ball in front of their chest. Adjust feet and body to make a pass deep behind them.

Concentrate on hand position once the ball has left the passers hands. Aim for a window and make sure on the finishing position that you can see the window through your hands.

Communication between support players is key to not disturb the sequence. Passer should be quick and aware for the next ball will be deployed quickly from the feeder.

Drill tags: feeders, passing, recieving, support

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