Rugby Drill Demonstration


Drill to practice short kicks to an attacking player.

Set up a square roughly 10m x 10m, with an even number of players behind each cone (see diagram).

One player starts with the ball and runs out a few metres before kicking the ball to the player on his right for them to run on to. Once he has performed the kick he keeps running and joins the back of the line opposite him.

This player runs on to the ball and gathers it, before continuing running in a straight line and passing the ball to the first person in the line opposite. He then joins the back of the line.


Start with chip kicks, and then move on to grubber kicks.

Introduce a second ball

Change the direction the drill is being run (i.e. kick to the left instead of the right)

Change the foot which the player is kicking the ball with.

Coaching points

Kicking techniques

Catching techniques - jumping to catch the ball

Runner being behind the kicker.

Drill tags: attacking, chip kick, fitness, kicking

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