Rugby: Passing Technique Progression

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1. Square on: one hand 

Stand square on, in your partners pass the ball back and forth no more than 5m away from eachother, rember use 1 hand and start with ball on hip. 

2. Side on: one hand 

Same again but no stand side on. 

3. One step: two hands 

Same distance apart, introduce the second hand and take a step and pass try to do 10 off each hand. 



1. Square on: one hand 

Grip - hand back of the ball, fingers apart. 

Pass - finish with hand pointing at target, Do not force spin - let the ball roll off the fingers, Ball on hip - do not swing the ball - powerful motion from hip. 

2. Side on: one hand 

Grip: same as above 

Pass: same as above: use the non passing hand as an aim point and pass.

3. One step: two hands 

Step: Step with the outside foot (if step on inside will block the pass - more difficult) 

Grip:same as above, other hand just guides the pass same hand position, ball on hip. (the non power hand is a guidence - shouldnt add any power or spin) 

Pass: same as aobove but bow follow the pass, this will add power and accuracy. Over exagerate the finish with hands pointing at the target. 


Full process: catch pass --> head turns --> stay square --> ball on hip --> hands finish at target.




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Realignment & Depth - 5 v 4

The realignment and depth hands drill is a quick drill to focus the players in sharpening their alignment and depth before a session. You can spend as long or as short on this drill as you need. The aim of the drill is to develop the speed at which players realign themselves, to support their early hand-catch, quick and accurate transfer of the ball to a support player. Set a 5 cones 1.5 meter apart in straight line. This will mark where the players will start the drill from Set 4 cones at a diagonal in line with the starting cones from one edge. This will be the cones that the defending players need to retreat to before coming up to pressure the attacking players. The first attacking player needs to step back 1 meter and will receive the ball from the first defending player who has also stepped back 1 meter to his designated cone Divide the group into 4 attacking player and 5 defending players, there should be a free attacking player The ball starts with the defending player On the coaches call, all defending players need to work back to their designated cone and then come forward in a straight line to their opposite attacking player The attacking players set their own depth to ensure they have time to catch and pass effectively On the coaches call, the first defending player will move back to their cone, once they get to the cone they pass the ball to the first attacking player, and then the first defending player tries to put pressure on the first attacking player The attacking players try to get the ball to the 5th player without being ‘touched’ by a defending player



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