Rugby Drill Demonstration


  • 4 players + 
  • cones 
  • ball. 

Cones laid out on 5m chanel other 10 chanel. 

3 Players line up passing ball up and down the line, when coach says now they pass it to the player stood opposite in the 5m chanel. 

The player then attacks down the 5m chanel. The player opposite makes a chop tackle, bounces and competes. for the ball. (Tackler becomes clearer).

The 2 other players then try to clear the player off the ball. Decinign whether to fire or steal ball depedning of spped of clearer off the floor. 


Coaching points

  • The arriving player must scan and judge how far away the clearers are to decide whether to steal or fire the break down.
  • Positive can attempt to fire and out ruch the opposition and steal ball.
  • if player arrives slow try Jackal.
  • as the player arrives to the break down makes an effective decion to fire or jackal.
  • Focus on body position low, stable, supporing own body weight.
  • remeber must relase the player before competing for ball

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