Rugby Drill Demonstration


1. Bounce 

Race to get off the floor. CHest to bag then bag to feet. 

2. Bounce with sausage 

Same as above however, now get in position to compete for the ball over a tackled player (sausage).

Ball should be wedged between 2 sausages. 

3. Live but Static 

A tackler hsould start on his knees half tacklignan attakcing player.

A jackler should be behind and as soon as tackled player hits the floor should be over the top jackling. 

A 3rd player bag man, should test his tsability. 

4. Jackal and Bag Race 

Bag man and Jackler start either side of a sausage. 

Coach blows his whistle, both leap to feet and compete for the ball. 

Race for space 

Coaching points

1. Bounce 

Hips up first 

Tower of Power 

Show release 

Head and chest over the ball. 

2. Bounce with sausage 

Foot poisiton - Close to bag 

Support own body weight. 

Wide stance - Shoulder width apart.

3. Live but static. 

All the above in a live drill 

Man with bag depends how stable the jackal player is.

Speed is key. 

4. Jackal and Bag race.

All the above worked on.

Now it is a race against the bag holder. 



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