Volleyball Drill Demonstration


Team divides into groups of three (or two, if necessary).  Additional antenna is placed in the middle of the net to make two, more narrow courts.  Teams will "pepper" over the net in a cooperative drill.

Ball is tossed in to one side.  Side must complete required touches and send the ball over the net where the other side must complete its required touches.  Repeat until goal is reached and then progress.

Coaching points

Three touches variations / progression:

Pass, Set, Pass Over

Pass, Set, Set Over

Pass, Set, Downball

Pass, Set, Attack

Generally, this drill is cooperative until the players reach the attack ball stage.  Then, it is normally played as a real point.

Coach can vary the required number of each stage.  10 successful Pass, Set, Pass then move on to next.  Successful is defined as completion of required elements.  Any successful play over without one or more of the required elements is considered a "wash" and does not reset the count.  Every time an error is committed (ball into antenna, ball lands out, ball lands in the court...) the play stops, the count is reset to 0 for that stage, and play resumes.

Stressing ball control, especially in passing.  Setting at 10' line or slightly behind.  All attacking must be done behind the 10' line.  

Other items to stress:




Playing constantly in posture

Holding finished platform briefly after pass

Improving every time you play this - beating your own personal bests

Created by Harry, Volleyball Coach, United States of America

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