Volleyball Drill Demonstration


Have all players spread out along the net facing the net.  The coach slaps the ball, all players back off the net and into random locations on the court.  The coach tossed (or serves) the ball over.

The players play out the ball.  Once a player plays the ball (either a pass or a set), he/she moves off the court and is finished with their part of the drill.  The last player on the court must pass the ball over the net.


Coaching points

This is a great drill to get players talking and calling the ball.


1st player passes the ball, all other players set the ball, last player roll-shots over the net.

1st player passes, 2nd player sets, and all players after alternate in this pattern until the last player does a roll-shot over the net.

Created by Bobbi, Volleyball Coach, United States of America

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