Volleyball Drill Demonstration


This is a great combination drill that gets players moving and works on digging, moving quickly to get up a tipped ball, and then driving hard to chase down a deep ball.

Split team into two groups - players and hander / shaggers.

Coach hits a downball to player in position one.  Player attempts to dig ball to target.  Same or different coach tips a challenging ball to position two and the player attempts to get up a playable ball.  Then first coach tosses / throws a ball to the deep corner in position three.  Player attempts to run down that pall and play it back to the court.

During the drill shaggers need to keep the court clear of balls if possible without interfering with player running down balls.  Hander needs to hand to first coach so coach can quickly move from downball to tossing deep ball.

Coaching points

Main focus - EFFORT & ENERGY

Players must give maximum effort every attempt.  Hander / Shaggers and players waiting their turn must be loud and give active player support and encouragement during the drill.

Coaches should really challenge their players in this drill.  The idea is not to complete everything perfectly, but instead to work hard to get quality touches.

When a player cannot get to a ball, the player should be making some kind of athletic attempt or floor move to try, especially on the dive and drive portions.

Stress good, playable ball locations on each touch, especially for more advanced players.

Created by Harry, Volleyball Coach, United States of America

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