Cobi Jones Speedstar

category: Possession

Soccer Cobi Jones Speedstar Possession Station small goals (2 yards wide) in each corner ... 3 vs 3 Soccer Drill Thumbnail ... Changing 4 v 2 Drill...

Switching The Play

category: Passing-and-Receiving

Soccer Switching the play Passing and Receiving Players work in groups of 4 (see progression). Player 1 starts with the ball then passes out wide. Pl...

Corner Soccer

category: Passing-and-Receiving

Soccer Corner Soccer Passing and Receiving Teams are made up of 3 players. Each team will look to ... This will involve good passing and switching ...

Activation - 4V4V4 Possession Game

category: Possession

Soccer Activation - 4v4v4 Possession Game Possession Objective: The team on the outside to retain possession (on outside only) & switch play by com...


Change the Point of Attack

Move the opposition's defence and practice passing into space with this switching session - working on quick and accurate passes.


Training for Pre-Season: Pass and Move

Pre-season training doesn't have to be boring! Use the 5 drills in this fitness plan to get your players back in shape and improving their passing gam...


Build Up Play

Build attacks with patience and get the ball into feet. Allow your players to recognise the value of good build-up play and make sure they understand ...



Community Drills

SSG with 4 goals

Game with 4 goalsEach team attacks two goals and defends two.switching field is importantpatience in the build-up"recycle" the ball

Passing with obstacles

Two groups of 3 passing from one side to the other,switching positions:open touch3 touch2 touchheads upcommunucationgame pace

Coerever 1v1 Technique

Players are divided equally throughout the four conesPlayers at the same time attack the cones (to the right and then switching the to left) One playe...

Short PassingAutosave 7247490 2

Start of with right foot and then switching it up to left foot.Two touches next time controlling the ball with one foot and passing it back with the o...