Diamond Formation Practice

category: Defending

Soccer Diamond formation practice Defending Diamond formation midfield in an 11 a side game. Reds vs blue. Set up in the formation: 2 strikers, diamo...

Diamond Midfield Channelling

category: Defending

Soccer Diamond Midfield Channelling Defending Red team vs Blue team. Set up a diamond midfield formation 2 strikers, 4 midfield, 4 defenders. Set up ...

Fish Tank

category: Conditioned-games

Soccer Fish Tank Conditioned games Set up a 10 x 10 area fish tank (any shape you see fit - diamond, square, circle, etc) and set up small goals on t...

Ball Shield - Whole Body

category: 1-v-1-skills

Soccer Ball Shield - whole body 1 v 1 skills Set up as shown with 2 players and 1 ball between the two. The area should be a 4x4 diamond, however t...

Web Videos


Working as a Defensive Unit

Drum in the defensive roles and responsibilities of your players and make sure they understand what you want from them in order to win the ball back a...


Community Drills

Pass To Score

Set up cones to make a small side field according to the diagram. Split up into 2 teams using pinnies. No goaliesHave them pick positions into a forma...