Kicking Warm-Up

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Kicking Warm-Up Goal keeping The ball is fed into the goalkeeper in the middle of the goal. The goalkeeper has to kick the ball back to either...

Speedy Feet

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Speedy Feet Goal keeping Setup as shown. Coach and ... This can be done on either foot or a mixture of both feet. ... Kicking Warm-Up Drill Th...

Movement & Kicking Drill

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Movement & Kicking Drill Goal keeping Setup as shown. Place 4-6 ... Kicking Warm-Up Drill Thumbnail View this ... Ball to left hand gloved sid...

Diving Technique - Haunches

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Diving Technique - Haunches Goal keeping The goalkeeper must ... before the coach throws the ball under arm for the goalkeeper to dive across ...

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Zig-Zag shoot

The use of red and blue is to show 2 possible ways of doing this exercise- both are the same, but mirrored.Players must pass between eachother, passin...