Speed Work

category: Skill-Circuit

Hockey Speed Work Skill Circuit Player runs up and down slalom. Players should look ahead of the ball. individual skills, race, slalom.

Farmers And Foxes

category: Warm-up-Games

Hockey Farmers and Foxes Warm-up Games The foxes (players) put bibs into the back of their shorts. The farmer (coach) runs around the area attempting...


category: Moving-with-the-ball

Hockey Confusion Moving with the ball To improve running with the ball and changing direction players have to run around the cones creating a figure ...


category: Warm-up-Games

Hockey Jailbreak Warm-up Games One team runs clockwise round the inside of the circle with the other team running anti-clockwise around the outside o...

Web Videos

Field hockey - speed work drills

Insight clip into speed work for hockey. #speed #strength Inside the D Hockey - Get the inside on Field Hockey Skills,Speed,Strength,Coaching, Mindset...

Agility drills for field hockey

Speed and Agility Drills are not only good for improving your performance and power, they are good for technical practice for reducing injuries to ank...

Fieldhockey dribbling

Dribbling, skills for hockey Produced by England Hockey Supplied by European Hockey Federation.


Bite size fitness 6

This is a tough and physically demanding hockey conditioning session - working on your players' sprint stamina and muscular endurance



Community Drills

Three's - Rucking

Rucking drillSplit the group evenly behind 3 cones- A starts with the ball- A then runs and dumps the ball infront of player D- Player D then goes...

Receiving in Motion

Balls are fed from the top cone through the gates (alternating each time) to a leading playerThe feeder follows passThe leading player recieves in mot...