Individual Ball Control

category: Rebound-Blocks

Hockey Individual ball control Rebound Blocks 1 player 1 board each. Reboun board can be turned to rebound the ball back high or low.(in the video th...

Hockey Squash

category: Rebound-Blocks

Hockey hockey squash Rebound Blocks 2 players with as many rebound boards attached as you can find. player hit alternate into the board. The first pl...

1 V 1 Rebound

category: Rebound-Blocks

Hockey 1 v 1 rebound Rebound Blocks 2 players lots of rebound boards spread out not all the same distance from the centre. players score apoint by pa...


category: Rebound-Blocks

Hockey rebound Rebound Blocks Player hits the ball into the rebound blocks for the rebounding player to collect and score.

Combination Passing To Score

category: Rebound-Blocks

Hockey Combination passing to score Rebound Blocks Set up the blocks so that the player can pass and collect the rebounds on the way to scoring a goa...

Pass And Receive

category: Rebound-Blocks

Hockey Pass and receive Rebound Blocks place the rebound boards around all facing into the middle. player in the middle has to pass and receive the b...

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Community Drills

Rebounds and passing under pressure

Here the first player will pass the ball into the rebound net and get it under control and pass it with as shorter time possible. The next player will...

Split grip volley

*Rebound net needed for drill*Firstly the player will pass the ball into the rebound net and volley the ball into the goal, using a split-grip.Next th...