Pass And Receive Static Wall

category: Passing-Receiving

Split your group in half. The white team each has a ball. The blue team position themselves evenly around the coned area and remain static. The whit...

Pass Intercept

category: Passing-Receiving

2 players pass the ball at each other through the channel. The interceptor has to stand outside the channel and try to stop the ball. When the player ...

Stuck In The Box Passive

category: Passing-Receiving

- 5 yard square- 3 forwards and 2 defenders- Forwards must stay on the outside of the square- Defenders cannot leave the square or tackle the player i...

Flat Hit

category: Rebound-Blocks

Rebound blocks on flat return side. Player shouyld hit the ball hard and receive the ball back and hit again. Carefull that the player is at the appro...

Wall Pass

category: Passing-Receiving

1 - Introduce defender on top of circle for 1v1.2 - Then introduce another attacker to create a 2v1 at the top of the circle.

Passing On The Move And Score

This is a great practice for players to practice passin and receiving on the move. Set out 2 lines or cones about 5 meters apart in both directions. a...