Keep The Space Wide

category: Set-Pieces

Hockey Keep the space wide Set Pieces Setup the practice as shown. Red 1 starts with the ball and gives a square pass to Red 2. This player passes th...

Tennis Ball Catching

category: Goal-keeping

Hockey Tennis Ball Catching Goal keeping body stance should be with knees bent head over knees over ankles weight on balls of the feet movement shoul...

Keep Possession Wall Pass

category: Possession

Hockey Keep Possession Wall Pass Possession 8 Players with 1 ball. 4 players on the outside are always on the side of the 2 players in possession of ...

Pass And Move

category: Movement-off-the-ball

Hockey Pass and Move Movement off the ball Players have to pass the ball around ... the World's Largest Field Hockey Coaching Resource and we're stil...

Web Videos

Ryde hockey: goal keeping

Ryde Hockey Club High Performance Director Larry McIntosh coaches some key technical points for goal keepers emphasising the importance of correct bod...


Passing under Pressure

Create pressure situations to improve how your players can pass when they're under pressure and have to think fast!


Community Drills

Baseline attack - defending the space

Preparation: You will need three attackers and two defenders to join in the exercise. Exercise: One of the attackers starts with the ball down the rig...

5 v 5 (Small Space)

2 Teams - Bibs v Non-BibsTeams are to keep the ball away from the other team for as long as they can.

Keep the Ball Moving

Can be played as a 5v1 or 4v1.Players must try and keep possession of the ball whilethe player in the middle has to try and win the ball.The condition...

Possession 3 v 3 Game

3 v 3 possession game, players must keep posession of the ball, if the other team intercept it then they must keep the ball.Keep the ball out of conta...