Full Court Press

category: Roles-and-Responsibilities

Hockey Full Court Press Roles and Responsibilities The difference between the Full Press, which puts pressure on the specific areas on the pitch (wid...

Full Hockey Pitch

category: Extras

25 Yard Area. Half Hockey Pitch Drill Thumbnail View this drill. Half Hockey Pitch. Left defender build up Drill Thumbnail View this drill. Left defe...

Full Press - Puting Pressure On The Opposition

category: Roles-and-Responsibilities

Hockey Full Press - Puting Pressure on the Opposition Roles and ... no player commits to the ball but a team screen is set up in the decided territor...

9 Zone: Full Game

category: Conditioned-Games

Hockey 9 Zone: Full Game Conditioned Games - Pitch split into 9 zones (3 x 3) - 6 vs 6 - Multiple players from each team in one area - Forwards (whit...

Web Videos

Field hockey pitch - walk around

This is a video showing a default unity 3D player model walking and running around the field hockey pitch model we've created About the Field Hockey G...



Community Drills

Full pitch drill

Pass and follow + shoot&3 v 1first time pass for advancedmovement of feet around the conesAllow ball to come across body when required

Conditioned game

Mix abilitiesAttack v defence on 2/3 full pitch.Defence score in wide goals, attack score in main goalConditions:No tackling3 touchesProgression: norm...