Passing Lines - Switch The Ball

Hockey Passing lines - Switch the ball Defending Skills The wide player passes the ball to the supporting player who then passes the ball wide, missi...

Self Pass - Getting The Ball Wide

Hockey Self Pass - Getting the ball wide Movement off the ball This is a basic practice to ... Player 1 on the red team dribbles the ball towards the...

3 V 2 Relay

Then the orange team play against the blue team etc. Attack starts with pass from the wide player. Tips; If centre player carries the ball, the pass ...

Wide Goals

Hockey Wide Goals Conditioned Games Game with 2 teams. Both teams ... Play 5 vs 5 in a 23m area (width of the full pitch and the length of a 23 metre...

Web Videos

The best penalty corners ever (women)

Hello, in today's video I will be showing you the best penalty corners ever in women's hockey! Drag flicks, hits and reverse sticks! Amazing penalty c...


Play wide to go Forward

Stretch them out - Use the whole width of the pitch and stretch your opposition to breaking point!


Community Drills

Crossing the Ball

Players in the middle pass out wideWide player runs down sideline then crosses it back to the first player who is at top of circle

Using the width - option 1

Warm up drill using the right corner of the field, attacker curls in opening up wide play to secondary attacker, who curls baseline and throws ball to...