532 Double Blocking

category: 532-double-blocking

Handball 532 double blocking 532 double blocking Pass in pairs. Come closer. Throw harder. Throw that hard you cannot catch the ball anymore. Vary in...

Bench Ball - Mini-Match

category: 114-aiming-throwing

Handball Bench Ball - Mini-Match 114 aiming/throwing Mini game of bench ball (played in a smaller area than 1 third of the court), with 1 ball in a 3...

Dribble Tag

category: 115-ballskill-activities

Handball Dribble Tag 115 ballskill activities All players except for two defenders are dribbling inside a half-court area. The two defenders start ta...

Defending The Pivot Or Blocking The Shot

category: 545-3-2-1-defence

Handball Defending the pivot or blocking the shot 545 3:2:1 defence The defender ... Pass A-B-C pass to pivot F who tries to catch the ball and throw...

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