Sumo Duel

category: 117-stability-balance

Handball Sumo Duel 117 stability/balance Two children of approximately the same height and weight stand either side of a line on the pitch. On your c...

Moving Goal Game

category: small-match-playing

Handball Moving Goal Game small match playing Two equal teams play with one ball in half the court. Two players who are on neither team hold an elast...

Dive Shot Technique - On The Turn

category: 319-diving-and-shooting

Handball Dive Shot Technique - on the turn 319 diving and shooting Out of the turning movement you make a movement forward with your trunk bent forwa...

Jump Shot

category: 318-jump-shot-far

Handball jump shot 318 jump shot far Run forward in 3 step ryhtym and throw at the goal.

Web Videos

Handball: learn the basics

Sportivate and Eastbourne Handball's Bruce Mathews introduce you to the basics of handball. Don't forget to watch our other Sportivate videos includin...


Mini-Matches - Fun Games Session!

Make training a bit more competitive. Put your players up against each other in this fun mini-matches session and see just how much they get out of it...


Community Drills