Straddle Vault (Long Box)

category: Horizontal-Pike

Gymnastics Straddle Vault (Long Box) Horizontal Pike Using a long box and spring board take a fast run up and hurdle step on to spring board. Lift ga...

Straddle Vault Over Low Apparatus

category: Key-2-content-Apparatus

Gymnastics Straddle vault over low apparatus Key 2 content Apparatus Straddle vault progressions over low apparatus.

Key 3 Vault

category: Key-3-Vault

Gymnastics Key 3 Vault Key 3 Vault Teach Straddle Vault Progressions and Variations From a low squat, swing arms forward and block with straight arms...

Low Straddle Vault

category: Key-4-content-trampette-Straddle

Gymnastics Low Straddle Vault Key 4 content trampette Straddle From a short 4m run take off with one foot to land on bench with two feet. Jump to str...

Straddle Vault Shoulder Blocking

category: Key-2-content-Apparatus

Gymnastics Straddle Vault Shoulder Blocking Key 2 content Apparatus Straddle vault shoulder blocking along apparatus.

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KS2: Part 6. Straddle Vault Progressions

A thoroughly enjoyable session in which your jumping gymnasts will start to take their weight in their arms, as we introduce them to the straddle vaul...