Linking Tummy Up And Down Movement

category: Key-2-content-Walking-Stepping-Leaping

Gymnastics Linking tummy up and down movement Key 2 content Walking-Stepping-Leaping Move around the mats tummy up to twist to 'tummy down'Â ...

Jumping, Linked Movements

category: Key-2-GC-Linkage

Gymnastics Jumping, linked movements Key 2 GC Linkage Various jumps and bounces showing the use of the arms to control rotation and help gain height.

Movement Between 'One Point Balances'

category: Key-3-Balance

Gymnastics Movement between 'one point balances' Key 3 Balance From 'Y' shape raise leg to side. Bring leg to front with bent knee. Rotate hip to sid...

Jogging With Forward Movement

category: Key-1-Body-Temperature-Raising

Gymnastics Jogging with forward movement Key 1 Body Temperature Raising Relaxwd forward jogging.

Stepping With Arm Movement

category: Key-1-Body-Temperature-Raising

Gymnastics Stepping with arm movement Key 1 Body Temperature Raising Add arm swings to try 'Marching'.

Right Foot Lead Movement

category: Key-1-content-jump-twist

Gymnastics Right foot lead movement Key 1 content jump & twist Jogging always leading with the same foot.

Jogging With Forward Movement

category: Key-1-content-Walking-Stepping-Leaping

Gymnastics Jogging with forward movement Key 1 content Walking-Stepping-Leaping Relaxwd forward jogging.

Dish Shape

category: Key-1-Body-Conditioning

Gymnastics Dish Shape Key 1 Body Conditioning Long sit, bringing arms past the ears, lie back to form the 'dish shape'. Return to long sit.

Key 0 Warm-Up

category: key-0-warm-up

Gymnastics key 0 warm-up key 0 warm-up Introduce the Traffic Lights game. Ask children to ... Show as many low movements as possible. Year R Unit 2 L...

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Community Drills

Back landing

Landing on the bed/to feet: Your legs should be slightly bent (just less than 90 degrees) - enables you to kick to stand to feet. Hold legs there for ...

Bean Bag game

As always, because I can't reinforce enough how important good posture and aethetically pleasing movement is in gymnastics we are going to do the ...

Copy of Handling Drill

GK moves over cones into A, receives volley, Moves to B receives volley. Moves to C to restCP 1 - Always squareCP2 - Lift head, look at ball when poss...

Warm up on trampoline bed

10 straight bounces (Tof - time of flight) 5 tuck jumps, 5 pike jumps, 5 straddle jumps 5 seat landing full twists Time their straight bounces - reco...