Dish Shape

category: Key-1-Body-Conditioning

Gymnastics Dish Shape Key 1 Body Conditioning Long sit, bringing arms past the ears, lie back to form the 'dish shape'. Return to long sit.

Gate Vault

category: Key-3-Face-Vault

Gymnastics Gate Vault Key 3 Face Vault From a short run into hurdle step jump off spring board placing hands forward, a shoulder width apart, on a th...

Face Vault Straight

category: Key-3-Face-Vault

Gymnastics Face Vault Straight Key 3 Face Vault Using a cross box and spring board take a three step run up and hurdle step on to spring board. Lift ...

Canon Time

category: Key-5-1-Relationship-Ideas

Gymnastics Canon Time Key 5 1 Relationship Ideas Presenting the same physical actions that utilise the same time, spacial and physical configuration,...

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Gymnastics warm upTwo footed straight jump over skipping rope-Arms by ears, legs squezzed together. Seat drops- hand next to legs when landing.&n...