Catching Limb Or Limbs Of A Partner

category: Key-5-4-Catching

May be seen to happen in pair work when one gymnast prepares to arrest the motion of a limb; or catch limbs of a partner, in order to create a gymnas...

Astride Vault (Progression) Support

category: Key-3-Astride-Vault

Gymnastics Astride Vault (Progression) Support Key 3 Astride Vault From a short run and hurdle step the gymnast dives forward to place hands, a shoul...

Backward Roll Back Rock To Stand

category: Key-3-Backwards-roll

Gymnastics Backward Roll Back Rock to Stand Key 3 Backwards roll Gymnast stands and back rocks ion to shoulders. Gymnast rocks forward, in tuck, reac...

Through Vault (Progression)

category: Key-3-Through-Vault

Gymnastics Through Vault (Progression) Key 3 Through Vault Standing as far from the box as possible the gymnast dives forward to place hands, a shoul...

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Gymnastics warm upTwo footed straight jump over skipping rope-Arms by ears, legs squezzed together. Seat drops- hand next to legs when landing.&n...