Drill Categories


Arabesque Balance

category: Key-2-Calm-Down

Start from upright standing. Arms stretched wide through to fingertips. Standing on the left leg lift from the back of the neck, keeping back tense as...

Shoulder Balance

category: Key-1-Body-Conditioning

dish rock from Long Sit  hip extend to lift C of G high over shoulders (C of G over Base)  prop hips up, keeping elbows on mat&...

One Point Balances

category: Key-3-Balance

From 'Y' stand bring leg up and behind the body. Hold. (Simple Arabesque)Bring leg to mats.Raise leg fully extended to horizontal. Keep chest as high ...

Shoulder Balances

category: Key-3-Balance

From Long Sit raise arms to point away from shoulders and rock back to tuck balance.Extend legs and body to gain straight balance.Exit to Long Sit.

Head Stand

category: Key-3-Balance

From knee position rock forward to form large triangle with head and hands.Keeping legs straight drag the feet towards the hands by raising the hips.H...

Calm Down Single Leg Balance

category: Key-2-Calm-Down

Single leg balance with free leg in front. 1⁄4 hip twist into a sideways balance with a 1⁄4 hip twist into arabesque.

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