4V1 Rotation

category: Possession

Soccer 4v1 Rotation Possession Four players are placed in a grid with one defender. The four ... The player who makes the mistake must become the de...

6 Vs 2 Invasion Game

category: Defending

Mark out three areas in a line (each box 15m x 25m) using cones (You can adjust the area based on the level of the players and if it is too easy for ...

Defending The Midfield

category: Defending

Football Defending the Midfield Defending Play 2 v 2 in the area furthest from goal and 2 v 3 in the defensive area around the goal. Make 2 small goa...

Individual 1 V 1

category: Defending

Objective: To be able to defend in 1 v 1 situations & learn how to slow down attackers and win the ball back.


  • Set up 2...

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Team Defending

Develop a team mentality that works to win the ball back and swarm in groups. Understand the roles and responsibilities of team defence to shut out th...

Intercepting Passes

Turn defence into attack in an instant by stepping in front of the opposition and intercepting the passes to spring a counter attack.


Community Drills

Defensive balance and compactness

• Area 75x60yds divided into equal thirds, with half way linemarked & appropriate size goals, as illustrated.• 16 players (incl. 2GK’s) arranged 8...

Combination plays & shooting

3 variations on this plan for shooting drills. Variation one sees middle player come off his man and receive the ball, he dribbles toward the goa...

Copy of Autosave 2188193

two teams, one team will have a free-kick and send into the box making it hard for the opposition to defend. it will be the oppositions aim to get the...

Passing Clock

Cones are set out in a circle as per the diagram, with gates making up the outer circle, facing single cones on the inner circle with a single cone ma...