Prevent Opponents Playing Through Midfield

As the game changes, we see more often than not that the games are won and lost in the midfield battles. By preventing your opponents creative midfielders from play through the guts of your team, you can take control and force them to play wide where their threat can be nullified.

What’s in the Session?

Start off the session with a pulse raiser to get your players bang on their game both physically and mentally. The session then progresses through to skill practices that focus on defending as a unit, emphasising communication amongst the team and illustrating how positioning off one another is important to negate their midfield threat. The practice splits the playing area into sections to give the players a clear understanding of how to work in their zones with one another, passing players on and closing space when necessary. A conditioned game concludes the session to put into practice the skills developed throughout the practices.

So often now, we see the creative midfielders run games. Take a look at what Modric is doing with Croatia in Russia and you can see just how important is to prevent them from playing in order to overcome those dangerous teams! Learn how to add it to your game with this session!

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