Catching Relay

category: Catching

Player 1 rolls the ball out for player 2 to run onto and catch. Player 2 flicks the ball back to 1 who catches it and puts it down. Player 3 then roll...

Bowling Relay

category: Fast-and-spin-bowling

All the players need a ball except for the wicket keeper. The first player in line takes a couple of steps before bowling the ball at the wicket. Afte...

Batsman And Fielder Relay

category: Ground-fielding-and-throwing

Batsman 1 calls YES, Batsmen 2 then starts to run on the call.Fielder 1 feeds from an angle, fielder 2 runs in and flicks at stump. Player 1 backs up ...

Running Between Wickets Relay

category: Running-between-the-wickets

In teams; have a relay race over a short distance, such as 5 metres. Each player must have a cricket bat. Emphasis on getting low and changing the ba...

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Relay race between the Creases, 4 lengths to be completed by each team


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