Back Foot Defence: Playing In The V

category: Back-foot-batting

Set up in groups as shown: one batsman, one wicket keeper, one feeder and one or two fielders.

Mark out the V area with chalk or cones, appr...

Back Foot Drive Game

category: Back-foot-batting

The Coach throws each player 3 balls which they should aim to hit towards the left or right target.

  • If the ball is successfully hit to...

Cut Shot

category: Extras

Played to a ball short of a length and wide of off stump.

Ball is aimed square of the wicket. Relaxed, balanced stance, head still, eyes le...

Diving Practice

category: Wicket-keeping

Divide the main group into smaller groups of 4 and set up as shown. The ball is thrown to the wicket keepers (person in the middle) right or left ...

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Front Foot Driving

In pairs have the group line up adjacent to a fielding net or a wall around 5/10 meters away. Whilst one of the pair bats the other will stand next to...

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notes: red is coach, blue is players, grey is keeper-firstly arrange the situation same as the first diagram.-two players as the keeper, another two s...

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-as the coach toss the ball, make sure the batsman strike towards the off side and the ball must always on the ground. dont hit too hard and just play...