Leg Glance

category: Techniques

1. Move both feet back towards the stumps, opening your body out towards the ball, but make sure that you keep your leg stump covered. Keep your head ...

Pull Stroke.

category: Techniques

1. As the backswing begins, the head, shoulders and back foot move back and across. 2. The front leg is moved back and towards the leg side, forming ...

Group Coaching For The Back Foot Drives

category: Front-foot-batting

Rules of the practice1. All shots to be executed with two hands (top hand dominant).2. Each player has 8-10 balls, then all rotate clockwise.3. Give g...

Group Coaching For The Front Foot Drive

category: Conditioned-games

Set the practice up as shown.Each player has 8-10 balls, then all rotate clockwise.The coach calls bat up before feeding the ball for the batsman to d...

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