Cricket Drill Demonstration



  • Set the bowling machine to bowl between middle and leg.
  • Set two cones up a third of the way down the wicket. One central and one leg side. 
  • Batsman to hit from the front on drive set position, knees and feet facing down the wicket.
  • Batsman to hit an on drive, hold the follow through and move towards the cones holding the shape. 
  • Have the batsman face 3 balls each, making adjustment, and rotate through several times. 

Coaching points

  • Ensure batsman has feet facing down the wicket, shoulders open, head forward and leaning into the shot.
  • Hold the shape with the bat at head height in the follow through. This allows the bottom hand to relax.
  • Monitor feet position, facing down the wicket, shoulders open and back swing, over first and second slip. 

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