The quick singles game

This game can be played in teams (6-10 a-side) or in pairs (8-10 players).

Rules of the game:

There should be a batt...

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Community Drills

Batting drill

1. Player throws a ball at a drivable length to the batsmen.2. Batsmen place the ball in either of the gaps and take a run3. Batsmen hav...

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Skills – BUILDING AN INNINGS: Hitting the bad ballRotationRunning between wicketsHitting gapsMental developmentDrillThrow downs must be used to ...

Running singles

The aim is to practise rotating the strike within three balls.It is a good way of finishing a training session by incorporating all the practise drill...

Attacking against spin boundary's

Looking to give players the chance to try different shots. This session will be used a shot circuit.Each section will have a WK, Batsmen, Fielder and ...