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Rebound Drills

A rebound follows a missed goal attempt or free throw and requires speed, timing and explosive power to regain possession of the ball. The rebound vid...


Block Box Out Rebound

category: Rebound

Basketball Block Box Out Rebound Rebound Player 1 has ball and makes a jump shot. Player 2 must start from the other side of the free throw line and ...

4 On 4 Rotate Box-Out Drill

category: Rebound

Basketball 4 on 4 Rotate Box-Out Drill Rebound Four players on each team. The offence will set up around the outside of the 3 point line. The defence...

Post Up Part 1

category: Shooting

Basketball Post up part 1 Shooting Make sure that feet are in front of the defenders feet, back is bent, knees are bent, and as wide as possible.Keep...

1 On 1 Box-Out

category: Rebound

Basketball 1 on 1 Box-Out Rebound Player starts the move by shooting - aiming to hit the rim to create the rebound for the other two players. When th...

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Practice makes Perfect Passing

Lay down proper passing principles with your players - If you don't lay the foundations correctly you'll never be able to develop and build.

Community Drills

2 Person shooting

1 shooter - 1 re-bounder first pair to hit 5 shots wins. Once the first hits from 5 spots second person now tries to hit from 5. Variation...

Boxing Out 1-on-1

In groups of 3 players pratice boxing out on a 'Shot!' call.2 players on OffenseShooter takes shot and calls "Shot!" when ball leaves hands....

Close out box out

This drill provides a competitive situation for practicing boxing out. This drill emphasizes principles of closing on a shooter and maintaining a box ...