Drills: Jumps

Box Drills Athletics
Box Drills
Plyometric box drills further develop eccentric muscle strength rhythm
Jump Athletics
A curved approach run followed by a single leg vertical jump to touch
2 Stride Run Up Athletics
2 Stride Run Up
Short approach run to take off.
Standing Triple Jump Athletics
Standing Triple Jump
The standing triple jump drill requires vigorous flat take offs from l
2 Footed Standing Jump Athletics
2 Footed Standing Jump
Two footed standing long jump stresses vigorous take off from legs, st
Penultimate Stride Athletics
Penultimate Stride
Focus on the approach run by lengthening the penultimate stride and sh
Drive Activation Athletics
Drive Activation
This drill activates the upward and forward drive of the free leg over
Short Stride Approach Athletics
Short Stride Approach
A short stride approach run builds up the necessary attack onto the bo
Stride Pattern Athletics
Stride Pattern
The rhythm of the stride pattern is medium long short. This action low
Water Jump Technique Athletics
Water Jump Technique
Can be practiced onto grass or into the sandpit.Aim is to push off the
Hip Flick Drill Athletics
Hip Flick Drill
Both feet turn towards the direction of the throw with the hip moving
fast Foot Drill Athletics
fast Foot Drill
Fast foot running drill is aimed to improve reaction time
Standing Ball Throw Athletics
Standing Ball Throw
The athlete drives forward with legs lifting right heel and turning ri
Power Position Athletics
Power Position
The javelin is on the shoulders with the athlete moving sideways, faci
Moving Sideways Athletics
Moving Sideways
The javelin is on the shoulders with the athlete moving sideways, faci
The Swings Athletics
The Swings
The swings should be attempted with the plane of orbit of the hammer a
sprint start Athletics
sprint start
Example of a top performer
Stride Pattern Change Athletics
Stride Pattern Change
Start with a relaxed walk, then at the cone Straighten the lead leg, a
Half Turn Rotation Drill, without shot Athletics
Half Turn Rotation Drill,
From the start position in the centre of the circle, the left foot is
Glide with shot Athletics
Glide with shot
The aim is to hop backwards and land in the power position facing the
The Throw Athletics
The Throw
The thrower is side on, with a flexed right knee. The javelin is paral
One handed delivery drill with weight Athletics
One handed delivery drill
Practise of the delivery from the low position of the turn. Practise t
Rehearsal of Plant Athletics
Rehearsal of Plant
Rehearsal of the plant position which should high, fast and early. A 2
Controlled Running Athletics
Controlled Running
Controlled running with the pole from transition of the high carriage