Complete & Controlled Volleys

Top net game players understand how important it is to combine movement with solid racket’s skills. Creating habits of maintaining a dynamic position and using the whole body to achieve maximum control over the shots are crucial skills that need to be trained to win points at the net.

When approaching the net, players have to be aware that the rally will speed up. Players need to be prepared to hit a high quality net shot right from the beginning because the first volley will dictate the rest of the point. Players should feel comfortable dealing with different kinds of balls and possess specific abilities that will let them execute a successful strategy against the baseline opponent.

Receiving a low ball at the net is one of the most difficult situations for a net player. Skilled opponents know that and that is why they can often place the ball below the net level to force the player into making a mistake. A proper stance and technical adjustments are needed to not only hit the ball back but also to prepare for the next shot.

The more players compete at the net, the more they start to understand the necessity to possess a variety of skills to be effective in this area. By being able and feeling comfortable with hitting volleys with different depths and directions, players can execute tactical patterns. Additionally they will be able to take advantage of the rival’s positioning and play the ball in the open area to win points.

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