Come Alive at the Net!

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It’s all very well and good your player playing hitting heavy groundstrokes from the baseline, but it’ll become predictable for their opposition. Mix it up by getting your player to come into the net, hitting volleys out of thin air!

This session looks at getting your players to play at the net more, not sitting back and waiting for the ball to come to them. By getting your player to come forward, you’ll see positive and confident tennis to catch their opponent off guard. Having a strong game at the net is essential in tennis, with top players such as Roger Federer consistently mastering the volley. Don’t be afraid to hit the ball before it bounces - time it right and your player will be playing with confidence!

What’s in the Session?

Start off with a simple balancing exercise, to get your players improve their stance and balance. We’ll then go through a series of drills to work on developing your player’s volleying, including their technique and accuracy. Encourage your players to time the volley correctly, and watch them produce the perfect shot!

Session Ratings: 2 ratings with 2 comments (see below)
Session Comments:
Come Alive at the Net!
Kelly Krueger
United States of America Kelly Krueger
Come Alive at the Net!
Emma Maitland
England Emma Maitland
Very useful for net work, the players really enjoyed the challenges of this one

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