Tennis Drill Demonstration


  • Players stands on the service line.
  • Coach feeds balls to the backhand side into the legs of a player.
  • Player executes short backhand half-volley cross-court.

Coaching points

In this drill player works on difficult to execute backhand half-volley. The biggest challenge for modern players is to learn how to hit the ball with touch instead of using power because they are used to generate power on almost every shot from the baseline. Coach has to explain to player that this tactical situation requires different thinking and players have to understand that only with high-level of focus and 100% control over the ball they are able to execute this rare shot. Additionally coach should tell players that they shouldn’t expect to make all the balls because of high level of risk in this shot so they have to learn from every mistake and try to make at least few good shots.

Drill tags: half-volley, movement, tennis, volley, winner

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