Tennis Drill Demonstration


  • Player serves from the deuce side.
  • Coach hits a deep return to the middle of the court.
  • Player moves back and hits a topspin shot to the open court.

Coaching points

  • In this drill player works on pattern based on difficult deep return.
  • A lot of mistakes in tennis happen immediately after the return of the opponent because servers are not ready to quickly react to the incoming ball.
  • A deep return is one of the most used tactical shots while returning so the server has to understand that moving back will not only give him more time to prepare the shot but it will also allow him to hit a neutral topspin ball and put the oppenent on the run.
  • To make it more competitive after playing the pattern players can play the point out but coach should give negative points for missing the first shot after the serve because it is the most important aspect of this drill.

Drill tags: comfortable against deep return

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