Tennis Drill Demonstration


  • Player receives an easy ball to the ad side.
  • Player hits a deep backhand slice down the line and comes into the net.
  • Coach feeds another ball to the deuce side.
  • Player finishes with a forehand volley cross-court.

Coaching points

  • In this drill the player works on coming to the net with specific focus on the approach shot.
  • By hitting the approach shot with backspin, the ball keeps low so it is difficult for the opponent.
  • Because the ball doesn’t bounce high, it limits the offensive return options.
  • Player at the net should pay attention to the racket preparation of the opponent to be able to read the intentions of the return before they hit the ball.
  • With a volley it is not always necessary to hit into the open space so players should practice different finishing shots out of the air.

Drill tags: make the passing shot difficult

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