Tennis Drill Demonstration


  • Player stands close to the net.
  • Coach feeds deep lob to the backhand side.
  • Player chases the ball and hits offensive backhand down the line.

Coaching points

In this drill, Player works on successfully responding to the opponent's lob. Lobs happen when we play at the net or are responding to a drop shot; therefore there can be many situations during the match when players will have to face the ball going over their heads. Coach should teach players that it is priority to run as fast as possible (not with the pace of the ball) to be able to stop and hit the ball in front of the body. Without a solid sprint, the point of contact will always be behind the player, therefore reducing the control of the shot. Additionally, Player should be aware of the fact that many opponents will move to the net after an effective lob, so responding with a well-placed shot down the line is an effective tactical solution to increase their own chances for winning the point.

Drill tags: footwork, lob, movement, technique, tennis

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