Tennis Drill Demonstration


  • Cones are set in the ad corner.
  • Coach feeds 3 kinds of balls: deep, medium and short in 3 directions: deuce, middle, ad.
  • Player hits offensive shot to the ad and recovers back to the middle after every shot.

Coaching points

In this drill, the player works on offensive shots from different ares of the court. During the match, opportunities to attack happen unexpectedly so players have to be ready not only to react to them but also have skills that will allow them to take advantage effectively. Some balls have to be played on the run while others don’t require too much distance to cover - practising these adaptations in specific drills will prepare players for what they will face during competition. Coach should pay attention to the physical component of this exercise and watch whether the player’s quality drops during the last repetitions of each set.

Drill tags: approach, forehand, movement, tennis, volley

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