Tennis Drill Demonstration


  • Player stands on the service line. 
  • Coach alternates feeding to the forehand and to the backhand side. 
  • Player hits all volleys in down the line direction.

Coaching points

In this drill player is focused on hitting volleys in down the line direction. Coach has to put emphasis on 2 things. Firstly hitting from the service line has different goals than hitting from position close to the net. Players have to understand that the goal of the first volley is to hit it deep to get time to get closer to the net but at the same time to push opponent away from the baseline. Secondly hitting in down the line direction is more dangerous because every late shot will land outside the court. That is why players have to focus more on point of contact and avoid typical mistake of taking big backswing while preparing volleys. Cones are great tools to give players instant feedback about their placement.

Drill tags: backhand, footwork, forehand, line, tennis, volley

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