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Necessary skills for successful doubles

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The player feeds high ball to coach who stands at the net. The coach hits overhead to the ad side and the player tries to counter this shot using backhand topspin lob down the line.

Coaching points

Lob is one of the most underrated shots in doubles. By being able to hit topspin lobs over the net player, this can create huge opportunities to win points in easier way. Topspin lob not only allows to come to the net by 2 players, but it also changes the main shots from cross-court direction, to down the line.

In this drill, the player works on implementing lob shots into own doubles game. Some athletes know how to hit slice lobs but they don't have similar control over topspin lobs so this aspect has to be incorporated into practice sessions. The coach should explain to players why this shot is so important and how it can create offensive opportunities for us. Additionally, the coach should emphasize that hitting a lob is a great strategy when losing cross-court rallies because it forces rivals to hit more down the line shots.

Drill tags: backhand, doubles, lob, tennis, topspin

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