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Necessary skills for successful doubles

Get your players working effectively as a duo and improving their doubles game

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The coach feeds high balls to the forehand side. The player takes higher backswing, moves forward and hits offensive volley.

Coaching points

Doubles is characterised by many volley rallies so good reaction and solid technical skills are needed to win points at the net. Being able to effectively deal with low, medium, and high balls are requirements to play effectively in defensive, neutral, and offensive scenarios.

In this drill, the player works on high volleys. It is important to firstly focus on technical aspects (higher backswing, movement forward) to make sure that player develops automatic habits. Doubles is a quick game so there is no time for thinking. The best players react automatically so these habits have to practised. The coach should explain to players that keeping the ball low over the net while playing volleys is crucial and every ball that is higher than shoulders' level should be punished with offensive volley.

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