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Better footwork, better tennis Session Thumbnail
Better footwork, better tennis

Improve your player's footwork with this week's session. Better footwork = better tennis!

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The coach stands in front of the player and throws 1 short 1 deep ball to the backhand side. Player's goal is to hit backhands moving inside and outside of the baseline.

Proper footwork is crucial if we are thinking about effective tennis play. Many mistakes are made because of improper legs' work so that is why players have to spend more time on drills that are based on intense footwork. Having strong legs and being quick are 2 skills that make us play better as also increase our self-confidence because we know our capabilities.

Coaching points

In this drill, the player works on backhand stroke and footwork. By mixing short and deep balls, the coach forces player to perform intense work with legs. This task strengthens legs, improves positioning, as also gives possibilities to have effective point of contact with all shots. The coach should also emphasise proper tactical solutions meaning that short balls should be attacked and deep balls should be played with more spin and clearance over the net.

Drill tags: backhand, footwork, inside in, inside out, movement, tennis

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