Hockey Drill Demonstration



It is difficult to define the correct’ technique; if a player is quick and highly successful, a teacher should question whether to change a player's style. However, it is recognised that only the flat, German style hit is effective on a water-based pitch, as other techniques tend to make the ball rise. It is highly desirable to teach the following:

Coaching points

  • Bringing the hands together quickly not necessarily right at the top of the stick.
  • Hold stick firmly.
  • Body should be side on, left shoulder pointing in the direction of the hit.
  • A minimal back swing is required to enable the player to make a quick hit or shot at goal.
  • Head remains still - eyes move only.
  • Weight is transferred from back foot to front foot in the action of hitting, this provides much of the power.
  • Keep wrists firm in follow through.
  • Encourage players to practice hitting on the move at a target with a ball each – perhaps to the side of the pitch to get plenty of practice as hitting in pairs to start with tends to result in lack of accuracy and less attempts.
  • Encourage players to experiment with shooting off either foot.
  • Players should push the ball slightly ahead as they prepare to shoot just before the D.

  • The Drill is often used with

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