Improve Shooting at Game Speed.

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Did you know that the average speed for a basketball shot might only be 5 miles per hour but it's the speed at which your players get it up the court that counts!

This session focuses on improving the speed your players shoot the ball. Your players will work on their shooting technique, and perfect how they shoot the ball at game speed.

When it's time to beat the buzzer, you need to know that your players have the composure and ability to score that all important winning shot.

What to expect?

This session is filled with various drills that work on your players speed, decision making, shooting technique and reactions. The drills will have your players competing against each other and working as a team to ensure that their shooting and points percentage increase.

By the end of this session expect your players to be sinking jump shots

like Michael Jordan in his prime!

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Improve Shooting at Game Speed.
England Miguel

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