Volleyball Drill Demonstration


BASKETBALL (named because the eventual scores look like an NBA game *and* because you score 1-3 points per play): 

This is a game with two full teams, played in either two 10-minute halves or four 6 (or 8) minute quarters. 

Ball is entered by coach to Team 1 who freeballs it to Team 2 to play it out.  This will happen for the first two quarters. 

At the half, teams switch sides and Team 2 freeballs to Team 1. 

Points are scored differently each day we play...

*After 6 hitting errors in a quarter, your opponent is in the bonus and receives 2 points for all further hitting errors the rest of the quarter (or half if you wish) 

*3 points for quick set kills / 2 points for tips landing in Zn 1 / 1pt for all others.

*3 points for RS kills / 2 points for tooling the block / 1 pt for all others

*3 points for BR attacks / 2 points for setter dumps / 1 pt for all others, bonus 1 pt each time someone on the other team dives unnecessarily instead of remaining on their feet. 

Players get a drink break at the half.

The drill really works on transition and provides a ton of contacts.  We play this about 75% of the days.  At the proper pace, this drill also serves as great conditioning--players don't get time outs, they don't sub...they are out there the full length of the quarter, so if they are struggling--the other team gets to take advantage of that.  

It can add quite a bit of 'chaos' and the unexpected--good things in my opinion.

Basketball usually takes 30-40 minutes to play, depending on length of quarters and how long you give for the halftime break.

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