Breaststroke - Top Tips

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For better Breaststroke, swim with a long glide and count your strokes for each length. Ensure good streamlining as you stretch down the pool with han...

Leg Action – 1 Float

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Bring heels up to bottom Turn toes out, like a frog Kick round in a circlular shape until feet are back together, legs straight Legs move simultaneou...

Stroke Development Breaststroke

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Elite Pulling PatternFrom the stretch position press the water with your hands outwards and downwards pushing your upper arm, forearm, wrist and hand ...

No.8 Hip Position

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The hips stay high during every swim stroke and will lift even more so when the hands push forwards and the legs kick back. To ensure a high hip posit...

Web Videos

How to swim breaststroke

From ... , a visual representation of how to swim breaststroke to assist in mastering breaststroke both as a competitive swimming ...